Mrs. Millionaire Short Story Book Series Volume I contain five stories. Each completely stands on its own, without a cliffhanger. It tells the story of different characters suffering personal crises whose lives intertwine with Tilly, our protagonist, at various points and tie together into one big surprise ending.

Mrs. Millionaire and the 
Homeless Woman
Book 1 


Matilde, or “Tilly” to her family and friends, was a rebellious teenager who loved to get herself into unnecessary trouble, and her wild behavior continued to escalate as she grew older. The lack of discipline from her parents created no moral boundaries. However, sometimes events, even the most extenuating and tragic ones, play tricks on us that change our lives forever and some teach us lessons we never forget. Tilly was attacked in the underground parking garage, but grateful that a stranger had come by and rescued her. That event changed her perspective on life and helped shape her to be a better person.

This story is about Matilde’s transition from a rebellious teenager to a philanthropist. It sounds simple but powerful. Who could ever have guessed she would one day become a different kind of superhero—without a mask or costume, helping the poor, the homeless, and abandoned children. She even set up a private foundation aimed at helping deserving individuals with a million-dollar gift, and the serious giving began. She is Mrs. Millionaire.

Mrs. Millionaire and the Bad Father
Book 2


Matt Calderon was a loving husband and dedicated father of two children. Everyone in the community knew him well. Everything about him was admirable and dependable. His wife, Maria, had a medical condition that limited her ability to perform manual work and so Matt had to work two jobs to provide for his family. Despite the challenges and obstacles they faced, they remained hopeful and optimistic. They were poor in material things, but they were rich in love.

Sometimes, life was full of surprises. Matt’s boss accused him of stealing money. Without any choice, Matt, along with his family, fled from their home to avoid arrest for a crime he didn’t commit.

Could there still be hope for them?

Mrs. Millionaire and the Waitress
Book 3 


Lucy was only two years old when her mother passed away. Her father remarried shortly after that to a widow with a son and daughter. Her father never revealed the truth about her life, and so Lucy thought her stepmother was her real mother. Her father’s untimely death a few months before graduating from high school left her with the only family she had known, and they began to show their selfish colors. They mistreated her, always showing a preference for her brother and sister. Despite their evil treatment of her, she remained a kind and thoughtful daughter and sister to her family. Would Lucy ever find out about her life, and more importantly, would she fully accept the truth?

Mrs. Millionaire and the Runaway Kids
Book 4  


With the desire and the determination to give his four kids a better life and to restore the relationship with them, shortly after his wife’s death, James Curtis reluctantly accepted a position as a supervisor at a textile company and moved to Connecticut. Things had been great at his new job. Unfortunately, one coworker was spiteful and envious of his popularity. He successfully discredited James, causing him to be fired. Depressed, James looked to a bottle for relief. Due to an accident, James was left in a coma. The children were temporarily placed in a children’s shelter until they could arrange to put them in foster homes. They would be split up and placed in two different homes. That chain of events made the children decide to run away. Would James come out of the coma? Would the family be reunited and made whole again?

Mrs. Millionaire and the Delivery Girl
Book 5 


Nancy never expected to work as a delivery girl. She had plans, high hopes, and big dreams. She focused on her studies and was involved in various social groups and even set aside dating until she had a career. That is until she met Julius and found herself attracted to his bad boy, biker image, and rebellious look. In a blink of an eye, Nancy’s dream of a successful career shattered. They got married at a City Hall with only a few friends present. After the marriage, her parents disowned her.

Julius had a bit of roving eye and a seemingly insatiable appetite for pretty women, and he continued to satisfy those urges even after they were married. When Nancy caught him cheating on her, the trust she had was tested. It turned her whole world upside-down. Should she forgive him for cheating? Would they survive the infidelity?

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