Tuesday, January 30, 2018


A few months ago, my husband decided to visit his ailing mother. And what was the first thing that crossed my mind? Yes, you are correct! Freedom at last! When you have been married for as long as we do, a little mini vacation away from each other is like winning the lottery.

I spent a great deal of time with my sister, Lucy. She and I went to the casino to gamble and to eat. And she took me to my first ever yard sale. I was a little hesitant at first because I didn’t know what to do, but unbelievably became a better yard sale shopper and even learned how to haggle. I bought a figurine from this guy for a dollar and he even gave me a few things I don’t even need for free. From then on, I couldn’t wait for the weekend to come to start my garage sale adventure.

One morning, I was getting my breakfast at McDonald’s on Katie and Maryland Pkwy on the way to work. It must have been 6:30 and it was still dark outside. As I was getting out of the drive-thru, a homeless old man standing in the corner holding a cardboard sign waved at me. My first reaction was to ignore him and roll up my window. It was still dark out and who knows what would happen. But I looked at this man, with his dirty clothes and faded thin jacket shivering, and with his crooked teeth showing, he smiled at me.

Normally, I had coins in my car to give to a homeless person, but ever since I bought this pink piggy bank from a garage sale for twenty-five cents (I was so happy about that, by the way), I have been feeding my friend since. I felt bad telling the man I didn’t have any money with me. To my surprise, the man smiled at me and with his crooked teeth showing he said, “it’s okay, Miss. Maybe next time. By the way, did you know that your lights are out?” He stood in front of my SUV and pointed at the lights. I thanked the man and drove off.

At this point in time, the man could care less about me because I didn’t give him any money, but what he said and done hit me hard. Two days later, with $20 in my hand, I went back to the same McDonald’s location and looked for him. He wasn’t there.

A month later, it was raining a bit, and I was back at McDonald’s again. As I turned to get out of the drive-thru, I saw a homeless man standing in the same spot and immediately recognized my homeless friend. I searched my purse for money but only had $10 with me. I rolled down the window and called him.

“Do you recognize me?” I asked him.

He frowned and said no. I said, “Do you remember telling someone that their lights were out?”

The man frowned again but immediately said, “Yes, I did!”

“That was me!” I blurted out.

He looked at me and smiled with his crooked teeth. He said, “Yeah, of course. I remember you. I see you replaced it.”

I handed him the money and apologized for only having $10 with me. The man took it and with the brightest smile he said, “This is worth a lot more to me than you think!”

We waved each other goodbye before I drove off.

I’ve learned a few things over the course of my husband’s trip. I relied on him too much. I took it for granted that the car will always be fine. My husband did all the work to keep it up. All I know is to turn on the ignition and pump gas. When I needed to replace the tires, and then the dashboard lights went out, I had it!

When my husband finally returned from his trip, I told him I don’t want to be home alone again and would gladly go on his next trip.

Sunday, December 10, 2017



The old man sat in his gas station on a cold Christmas Eve. He hadn't been anywhere in years since his wife had passed away. It was just another day for him. He didn't hate Christmas; just couldn't find a reason to celebrate. He was sitting there looking at the snow that had been falling for the last hour and wondering what it was all about when the door opened and a homeless man stepped through.
Instead of throwing the man out, Old George as he was known by his customers, told the man to come and sit by the heater and warm up.
"Thank you, but I don't mean to intrude," said the stranger. "I see you're busy, I'll just go."
"Not without something hot in your belly," George said.
He turned and opened a wide mouth Thermos and handed it to the stranger. "It ain't much, but it's hot and tasty. Stew ... Made it myself. When you're done, there's coffee and it's fresh."
Just at that moment, he heard the "ding" of the driveway bell.
"Excuse me, be right back," George said. There in the driveway was an old '53 Chevy. Steam was rolling out of the front. The driver was panicked.
"Mister can you help me!" said the driver, with a deep Spanish accent. "My wife is with child and my car is broken."
George opened the hood. It was bad. The block looked cracked from the cold’ the car was dead.
"You ain't going in this thing," George said as he turned away.
"But Mister, please help ..."
The door of the office closed behind George as he went inside. He went to the office wall and got the keys to his old truck, and went back outside.
He walked around the building, opened the garage, started the truck and drove it around to where the couple was waiting.
"Here, take my truck," he said. "She ain't the best thing you ever looked at, but she runs real good."
George helped put the woman in the truck and watched as it sped off into the night. He turned and walked back inside the office.
"Glad I gave 'em the truck; their tires were shot too. That old truck has brand new ." George thought he was talking to the stranger, but the man had gone. The Thermos was on the desk, empty, with a used coffee cup beside it.
"Well, at least he got something in his belly," George thought.
George went back outside to see if the old Chevy would start. It cranked slowly, but it started. He pulled it into the garage where the truck had been. He thought he would tinker with it for something to do. Christmas Eve meant no customers. He discovered the block hadn't cracked; it was just the bottom hose on the radiator. "Well, shoot, I can fix this," he said to himself. So he put a new one on.
"Those tires ain't gonna get 'em through the winter either." He took the snow treads off of his wife's old Lincoln. They were like new and he wasn't going to drive the car anyway.
As he was working, he heard shots being fired. He ran outside and beside a police car, an officer lay on the cold ground. Bleeding from the left shoulder, the officer moaned, "Please help me."
George helped the officer inside as he remembered the training he had received in the Army as a medic. He knew the wound needed attention.
"Pressure to stop the bleeding," he thought.
The uniform company had been there that morning and had left clean shop towels. He used those and duct tape to bind the wound. "Hey, they say duct tape can fix anything," he said, trying to make the policeman feel at ease.
"Something for pain," George thought. All he had was the pills he used for his back. "These ought to work." He put some water in a cup and gave the policeman the pills. "You hang in there, I'm going to get you an ambulance."
The phone was dead. "Maybe I can get one of your buddies on that there talk box out in your car." He went out only to find that a bullet had gone into the dashboard destroying the two-way radio. He went back in to find the policeman sitting up.
"Thanks," said the officer. "You could have left me there. The guy that shot me is still in the area."
George sat down beside him. "I would never leave an injured man in the Army and I ain't gonna leave you."
George pulled back the bandage to check for bleeding. "Looks worse than what it is. Bullet passed right through 'ya. Good thing it missed the important stuff though. I think with time you’re gonna be right as rain."
George got up and poured a cup of coffee. "How do you take it?" he asked.
"None for me," said the officer.
"Oh, yer gonna drink this. Best in the city. Too bad I ain't got no donuts." The officer laughed and winced at the same time.
The front door of the office flew open. In burst a young man with a gun.
"Give me all your cash! Do it now!" the young man yelled. His hand was shaking and George could tell that he had never done anything like this before.
"That's the guy that shot me!" exclaimed the officer.
"Son, why are you doing this?" asked George, "You need to put the cannon away. Somebody else might get hurt."
The young man was confused. "Shut up old man, or I'll shoot you, too. Now give me the cash!"
The cop was reaching for his gun. "Put that thing away," George said to the cop. "We got one too many in here now."
He turned his attention to the young man.
"Son, it's Christmas Eve. If you need money, well then, here. It ain't much but it's all I got. Now put that pea shooter away."
George pulled $150 out of his pocket and handed it to the young man, reaching for the barrel of the gun at the same time. The young man released his grip on the gun, fell to his knees and began to cry.
"I'm not very good at this, am I? All I wanted was to buy something for my wife and son," he went on. "I've lost my job, my rent is due, and my car got repossessed last week."

George handed the gun to the cop. "Son, we all get in a bit of squeeze now and then. The road gets hard sometimes, but we make it through the best we can."
He got the young man to his feet and sat him down on a chair across from the cop. "Sometimes we do stupid things." George handed the young man a cup of coffee. "Bein' stupid is one of the things that makes us human. Comin' in here with a gun ain't the answer. Now sit there and get warm and we'll sort this thing out."
The young man had stopped crying. He looked over to the cop.
"Sorry I shot you. It just went off. I'm sorry officer."
"Shut up and drink your coffee," the cop said.
George could hear the sounds of sirens outside. A police car and an ambulance skidded to a halt. Two cops came through the door, guns were drawn.
"Chuck! You ok?" one of the cops asked the wounded officer.
"Not bad for a guy who took a bullet. How did you find me?"
"GPS locator in the car. Best thing since sliced bread. Who did this?" the other cop asked as he approached the young man.
Chuck answered him, "I don't know. The guy ran off into the dark. Just dropped his gun and ran."
George and the young man both looked puzzled at each other.
"That guy work here?" the wounded cop continued.
"Yep," George said. "Just hired him this morning. The boy lost his job."
The paramedics came in and loaded Chuck onto the stretcher. The young man leaned over the wounded cop and whispered, "Why?"
Chuck just said, "Merry Christmas boy ... and you too, George, and thanks for everything."
"Well, looks like you got one doozy of a break there. That ought to solve some of your problems" George said to the boy. He went into the back room and came out with a box. He pulled out a ring box. "Here you go, something for the little woman. I don't think Martha would mind. She said it would come in handy someday."
The young man looked inside to see the biggest diamond ring he ever saw. "I can't take this," said the young man. "It means something to you."
"And now it means something to you," replied George. "I got my memories. That's all I need."
George reached into the box again. An airplane, a car, and a truck appeared next. They were toys that the oil company had left for him to sell. "Here's something for that little man of yours."
The young man began to cry again as he handed back the $150 that the old man had handed him earlier.
"And what are you supposed to buy Christmas dinner with? You keep that too," George said. "Now get home to your family."
The young man turned with tears streaming down his face. "I'll be here in the morning for work if that job offer is still good."
"Nope. I'm closed Christmas day," George said. "See ya the day after."
George turned around to find that the stranger had returned. "Where'd you come from? I thought you left?"
"I have been here. I have always been here," said the stranger. "You say you don't celebrate Christmas. Why?"
"Well, after my wife passed away, I just couldn't see what all the bother was. Puttin' up a tree and all seemed a waste of a good pine tree. Bakin' cookies like I used to with Martha just wasn't the same by myself and besides I was gettin' a little chubby."
The stranger put his hand on George's shoulder. "But you do celebrate the holiday, George. You gave me food and drink and warmed me when I was cold and hungry. The woman with child will bear a son and he will become a great doctor. The policeman you helped will go on to save 19 people from being killed by terrorists. The young man who tried to rob you will make you a rich man and not take any for himself. That is the spirit of the season and you keep it as good as any man."
George was taken aback by all this stranger had said. "And how do you know all this?" asked the old man.
"Trust me, George. I have the inside track on this sort of thing. And when your days are done you will be with Martha again."
The stranger moved toward the door. "If you will excuse me, George, I have to go now. I have to go home where there is a big celebration planned."
George watched as the old leather jacket and the torn pants that the stranger was wearing turned into a white robe. A golden light began to fill the room.
"You see, George ...... it's My birthday. Merry Christmas."

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


I had my books published with Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) for years and recently made the decision to find them a better home. I want my books to be available at Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks Store, Kobo and other book retailers.

Then I heard about Pronoun.

They offer distribution to Amazon, Apple iBooks, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Google Play, OverDrive, and Bibliotheca. According to their website, their “Mission is to build a new model for publishing that puts authors first. We believe that independent authors deserve a better way to publish, so we’re creating the tools, technology, and information they need to succeed in today’s digital market. In May 2016, Pronoun joined Macmillan Publishers. Together, we are investing in growing our self-publishing platform while also bringing new technology and data to an industry leader. We publish some of our titles through Pronoun imprints. Byliner stands for edgy, smart, modern journalism from today's best writers. Paper Lantern Lit publishes Young Adult titles from outside the mainstream. Our other imprints are in partnership with the biggest names in media, from The New York Times to Gawker. And there's more to come as we incubate new imprints for other fiction and non-fiction genres.”

I was totally impressed. Pronoun even connects you with cover designers, editors, copy editors, and marketing specialists all in one place. I was sold. Excitedly, after my 90 days exclusivity contract expires with KDP Select, I took the plunge and signed all of my nine books with Pronoun. I uploaded a revised and more polished version but didn’t publish them yet. I had nine books and it took me a while to get them cleaned up. I planned to publish them all at the same time.

I was in the middle of downloading when I received an email from Pronoun. I was shocked. Pronoun was closing and it’s no longer possible to create a new account. I was really disappointed. I thought Pronoun was great. It was user-friendly, had great design, they helped me with keywords and categories to connect with my books. I thought my books finally found a good home. I had no choice but to remove the books I already downloaded. Pronoun plans to remove all books from sale on all of their sales channels on January 15, 2018.

Now, I’m back to square one. 


Monday, August 28, 2017



Mrs. Millionaire Short Story Book Series Volume I contain five stories. Each completely stands on its own, without a cliffhanger. It tells the story of different characters suffering personal crises whose lives intertwine with Tilly at various points and tie together into one big surprise ending.






Sunday, August 20, 2017



After much consideration and debate, I've decided to join the other authors and submit my new unpublished short story fiction to Kindle Singles on June 2, 2017. And like others who submitted their work to Kindle Singles for consideration, I have been waiting to hear from them as well. But I also read from others comments that the volume of submission has gone up or they received their rejection letter on the 5th day after submission.  I’m not sure if I should rejoice or hit my head on the wall since it’s been eleven weeks and I still haven’t received my rejection or acceptance letter yet. I just hope that after all this waiting I would have some good news to share with you. And if it doesn’t happen, it wasn’t meant to be.

What is Kindle Singles you asked? According to Wikipedia, Kindle Single is a type of e-Book which is published through Amazon Kindle Store. According to Amazon web page, Kindle Singles are compelling ideas expressed at their natural length, typically 5,000 to 30,000 words. It must be unpublished, but Amazon will consider eBooks recently published via Kindle Direct Publishing, manuscript submissions, or pitches.
The submission process is slightly different than simply self-publishing and loading your manuscript through Amazon’s KDP service. From what I understand, each submission on Kindle Singles will be reviewed by an Amazon editor, which they state that they will “read and respond within two weeks.” And if Amazon is interested in publishing your work, they will provide further instructions on how to formally submit your title via Kindle Direct Publishing. Easy enough, right?

At first, I thought submission to Kindle Singles would be a breeze. It was open to unknown or first-time authors because they were looking for new voices.  Of course, now that I’m approaching three months of not hearing anything, let me just say now, the probability of getting accepted to Kindle Singles is next to impossible, not just for an independent author, but for any author.

I could only imagine that the reason why it’s taking Kindle to reject or accept my submission or any submission for that matter is that it is becoming so popular that they’re now struggling to keep up with all the submissions. The other day, just out of curiosity, I checked the Kindle Singles page and got this message:

Kindle Singles is not accepting unsolicited manuscripts at this time. Our editors will respond to all submissions currently in the queue as of June 22nd, 2017.

I’m not sure what this means. Are they shutting down Kindle Singles? Or are they only trying to get through to all the submissions but will reopen again shortly?

And the waiting continues.

Saturday, January 21, 2017


Perdition (A Goddess of Night Novella: Book Two)
By Ley Mesina
5 out of 5 stars
Read 01/21/2017
Format: Kindle


Perdition is the sequel to Reborn. Lily is part witch/part vampire, and Xander is all vampire. There’s a lot of pack action, twists and turns, and romance going on that had me sitting on edge. The story hooked me from the beginning. If you are into witches and vampires, this is a must read! I also recommend you read Reborn, the first novella in the A Goddess of Night series.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017



The easiest part of being an author is writing the book because when you are done, there is a sense of accomplishment when you finally see the characters you created come to life on the page.

Unfortunately, the toughest and hardest part is promoting your book.  To succeed in this business, you need a lot of patience and understanding. You need a budget, too, to hire someone to do your advertising, promoting, and marketing for you.  But what if you don’t have a lot of money or no money at all?  The answer is simple.  DIY or Do It Yourself.

For an unknown writer like me, it means learning to navigate the internet quickly, creating your website and starts a blog to build a fan base.  Then you have to spend hours hanging out with readers on their sites and blog like you’ve never blogged before, hoping that they would notice you, and eventually check out your books.  

For someone like me who is not a computer whiz, the struggle continues.  I'm not bad, but I’m not that good either. Let’s just say that I use the internet to check the news, the weather and maybe some Hollywood gossips.  Hey, I’m only human! lol.

To new writers, don’t make the same mistake I made focusing on one published book and spending too much time trying to find book reviewers, press release sites, finding a literary agent and publisher.  That is a very exhausting time of my life, believe me. You need to continue writing books; lots of them and try to learn in the process so the next time you release a new book, you will not go crazy like the way I did.  Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit here, but you know what I mean!

Like I said, the easy part of being a writer is to write the story.  And when you are self-publishing, where do you begin? Luckily for us, in this new age of publishing, there are a lot of great websites out there that can help us get some excellent ideas on how to market our books.

Welcome to the age of technology!

Saturday, January 7, 2017


Just Released!

How do you escape an arranged marriage? Should you honor your parents or follow your heart?

My Runaway Bride, 
A Spoiled Brats Romance Novel Book 2

Available on Amazon.com
Kindle and Paperback



CONCLUSION (12/15/2016)

By now, most of you know that my book, My Runaway Bride, did not get a publishing contract. I was pretty disappointed, of course, especially when I received the rejection letter one day after my campaign ended.

That being said, I learned a lot from this experience. Never run a Kindle Scout campaign around mid-November or around the holidays. So many books were selected right at the beginning of the month. There were at least twelve or thirteen books accepted late November and early part of December. I read in the KBoards forum that the maximum number of books selected in any given month in the past was 13. If we base it on that fact, then all the books that ended their campaign mid-December had no chance because Kindle Scout already met their quota. I heard of one author who spent a fortune with paid advertising and stayed on H&T (712 hours out of 720) and he still didn’t get pick. It only proves that the stats don’t exert a large influence over the outcome. Don’t stress over your book being on Hot and Trending because it doesn’t mean squat. So, if you are planning to enter your book in Kindle Scout, just keep that in mind.

All in all, it was a stressful but enjoyable 30-day campaign. Every author should experience it—the rejection. But, life goes on. There is life after Kindle Scout. On the positive note: one of the best things about running a campaign is meeting other authors and forming friendships on KBoards during your 30-day campaign. So don’t forget to join. You’ll get a lot of support from them.

And last, if you had nominated my book, thank you so much. My book is now available on Amazon. 

DECEMBER 10, 2016

It’s finally over! My campaign has officially ended. It was an exhausting effort.  It was stressful but enjoyable 30-day campaign. Regardless if my book is selected or not, one thing is for sure. I’m already a winner. If I didn’t enter my book on Kindle Scout, I would have never connected with a lot of my social media friends, especially the wonderful people on KBoards.

Here’s my final stats:

November 11 thru December 10, 2016: 271 HOURS IN HOT AND TRENDING, 6,000 PAGE VIEWS. 34% Traffic from Kindle Scout, 66% Traffic from external links. And now I wait…


Running a Kindle Scout campaign is nerve-wracking process. At this point, we already established that the goal is to get a lot of nominations to be on Hot and Trending. Unfortunately, you will never have the opportunity to know how many nominations you received. You’ll know you got a lot of votes when you see your book finally on H&T. I am sure that those books that stayed on H&T for almost 30 days of their campaign had paid for advertising to get more exposure and therefore, more nominations. Believe me, I know. It was very hard to be on H&T for an hour, let alone 30 days? They probably paid a fortune. If I’m wrong, then I really want to know their secret because it works.

Oh, and don’t forget to join KBoards. These group are totally supportive in sharing their Kindle Scout experiences. Steve Gannon post a daily list of books who are in the run. So KBoarders will nominate from the list that is near their campaign end.

Okay, back to my kindle scout experience. The first half of my campaign was a success. I garnered a total of 176 hours on Hot and Trending; 82 of those hours was during the Thanksgiving weekend. Best stats ever!
Unfortunately, the second half of my campaign didn’t do so well. After my successful first half, I fell off the list. And for the next several days, I fell off the list completely. Even my page views suffer.

November 27-December 04: 0 HOURS IN HOT AND TRENDING.As I previously mentioned, my daily posting to book groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, and twitter, pleading to nominate my book did not do anything for me. It was very frustrating. At this point, I’ve pretty much given up hope that my book would go back to H&T list again.

December 05-December 09:  71 HOURS IN HOT AND TRENDINGWait a minute! How did that happen? KBoards to the rescue, that’s why.As I previously mentioned, Steve Gannon post a daily list of books who are in the run. So KBoarders will nominate from the list that is near their campaign end.

And that’s the reason my book is back on H&T again. If you haven’t join KBoards yet, what are you waiting for? 


I am finally down to my last 5 days of my Kindle Scout campaign, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank those people who nominated my book. Out of 720 total hours of Hot and Trending, my book managed to stay on the list for 176 hours. The best stats ever was during the Thanksgiving weekend. Unfortunately, my campaign took a dive and fell off the list after that while other books remained on Hot and Trending the entire time.

My daily posting to book groups on Facebook and LinkedIn pleading to nominate my book did not help at all and twitter was useless to my book campaign. It was very frustrating. I was tempted to try those paid advertising, but since I was close to the end of my campaign, I decided not to and just let it ride.

I’ve read in a lot of blog posts that there appears to be some sort of secret algorithm that Kindle Scout uses in the selection process, and the authors have no way of knowing what the Kindle Scout team is actually looking for in making their decision. If Amazon’s algorithm to select a winner(s) is based on numbers of nomination, or hours on Hot and Trending, then my book has no chance of winning. How could I compete with books that had 600-700 hours in Hot and Trending while mine is just a small fraction of the votes?  We don’t know for sure how they select the winners, so all I could do is pray and fingers crossed.

Whatever happens, win or lose, I gained a lot of knowledge on how to promote and market my book. I found a lot of friends from KBoards who are very supportive of one another.  I will definitely use the knowledge I learned from this campaign the next time I enter my next novel to Kindle Scout. Yes, I will definitely enter again. It was a great challenge and experience, especially for an aspiring author like me.

If you haven’t voted yet and would like to support my campaign, there is still time. Please visit: http://amzn.to/2fDQZN4 Thank you.


After months of combing through my manuscript (right after I received it back from the editor) making it as clean and error-free as possible, My Runaway Bride, the second book in the Spoiled Brats series was finally finished and ready to self-publish. Then I read about Kindle Scout; a remarkable opportunity for both established and aspiring authors. Intrigued, I decided to check it out.According to their website, “Kindle Scout is a reader-powered publishing for new, never-before-published books. It’s a place where readers help decide if a book gets published. Selected books will be published by Kindle Press and receive 5-year renewable terms, a $1,500 advance, 50% eBook royalty rate, easy rights reversions and featured Amazon marketing.”

I thought ‘wow.’ This is a great exposure for my new novel and other books I published through Amazon. If my book get chosen for publication, it will be a Christmas bonus.

Here’s how it works:

(Important: You must have an amazon account to enter. If you don’t have one, signing up is free and easy).

Submit your new, never-before-published, English-language book of 50,000 words or more to Kindle Scout and be considered for a publishing contract with Kindle Press in 45 days or less in the following categories: Romance, Mystery & Thriller, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Teen & Young Adult, and general Literature & Fiction.


• Complete, copyedited, never-before-published manuscript • Great title & book cover image
• Book one-liner of 45 characters or less 
• Book description of 500 characters or less 
• Your bio & photo 
• Thank you note of 500 characters or less

You can find out more by visiting https://kindlescout.amazon.com/submit

Once your book is submitted and approved for the campaign, it stays on Kindle Scout’s website for 30 days. During this 30-day nomination period, the goal is to get as many people to nominate your book as possible to push it into Hot and Trending list.I believe I rushed into clicking the submit button without doing further research. I didn’t have a lot of twitter followers (I don’t even know how to hashtag) and social media presence, so it was tough to garner a lot of votes. I was getting frustrated when I read an article about someone’s Kindle Scout experience that even if we generate a gazillion page views and stay in the Hot and Trending category for the entire thirty days of campaign, there is still no guarantee of being offered a contract. I thought I had a fair chance. It’s not popularity contest after all.

My goal for this campaign is to hit at least 100 hours in Hot and Trending before my campaign ends. Since I had no idea how Kindle Scout works, I was quick to learn to tweet and post. I rustled up as many nominations as I could; announcing, posting and tweeting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and my web page. There were times I was tempted to ask others who stayed HOT and Trending since day one of their campaign on what their secret was, but I didn’t. I want to see if I could do it myself and where it would take me, but, honestly, I am excited to see the result of my hard work. It’s a great challenge.

If you decide to promote your book yourself like I did, fair warning: Here comes the most difficult part of the campaign. Be ready to work really hard as you will be up against stiff competition. Remember to stay calm as you interact with your friends, family, social media friends and strangers because you will quickly learn to beg; pleading with them continuously to nominate your book. Do whatever it takes.

I didn’t announce my campaign until the day before. I guess I wanted to surprise my family and friends that I had enter a book contest. I printed some flyers and handed them out to my co-workers. At night, I tweeted and posted on FB to my book groups being live the next day.Early morning, I tweeted and posted on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook (personal and author page). I posted on every book groups I had on Facebook. Throughout the day, my tweeting and posting produced more friends request than I could handle. I repeated my campaign from day one. All day, I sent out a follow-up messages regarding my book campaign. I also ran a free book on KDP for two days only for My Amnesia Girl, the first book in the Spoiled Brats series.

During my posting, tweeting, and messaging, a message popped up with an explicit video from one of my FB friends. I immediately blocked him. I lost my concentration. I was disturbed by the video and left me shaking and unnerved. Why would anyone do that? I didn’t do any campaigning that day.One morning, I received a message from a fellow author from FB letting me know that he just nominated my book. My book was NOT on Hot and Trending at that time, but an hour later, I was back on Hot and Trending. I wonder if one vote means one hour of Hot and Trending?

Thanksgiving weekend was the best of the best stats ever! My friends and family shared my posting, and somehow, it garnered a lot of votes. I stayed in hot and trending for 82 hours.All in all, I was on Hot and Trending for 176 hours (Nov 11-26), 5,200 page views. Not too shabby considering there’s no paid advertising and/or promotional service. My goal was to reach 100 hours on H&T before my campaign ends, so this is actually amazing because I did it all on my own.The next fifteen days is another story. I pretty much ran out of friends and family to connect. And I hate to keep pestering my book groups, friends, family, and co-workers, posting about my book; nominate me, nominate me, please. Oh well, we’ll see what happens. At least I challenged myself that I could do it and I did. I exceeded my goal expectation.

Here’s my stats:

DAY TWO: November 12 Saturday: 0 HOURS ON HOT AND TRENDING. DAY 
THREE: November 13 Sunday: 2 HOURS ON H&T. 
DAY FOUR: November 14 Monday: 12 HOURS ON H&T. 
DAY FIVE: November 15 Tuesday: 22 HOURS ON H&T. 
DAY SIX: November 16 Wednesday: 4 HOURS ON H&T. 
DAY SEVEN: November 17 Thursday: 19 HOURS IN HOT AND TRENDING. 
DAY NINE: November 19 Saturday: 2 HOURS IN HOT AND TRENDING 
DAY TEN: November 20 Sunday: 22 HOURS IN HOT AND TRENDING 

What did I learn halfway through my campaign? It’s a lot of work. While having a good number of page views, and managed to be on Hot and Trending list, I realized one thing: Page views do not equal Hot and Trending—number of nominations matters. I still have a lot to learn.The best part of this campaign? I met many new friends, especially on KBoards who are very supportive of one another.

If you would like to nominate My Runaway Bride, A Spoiled Brats Romance Novel, there is still time. Please visit: http://amzn.to/2fDQZN4

After hard work of tweeting, posting, and garnered almost 500 new friend’s requests, my efforts have paid off. My book, My Runaway Bride, is now on HOT AND TRENDING category. Nice! 27 more days to go.


MY RUNAWAY BRIDE-When twenty-two-year-old Beverly Hills socialite, Samantha Isabella St. James, received the news that her father intended to force her to marry the son of a wealthy industrialist, she was devastated and ran away. But when her wallet was stolen and left her penniless, she took refuge at the home of a stranger and reluctantly worked as a nanny for an eccentric wealthy bachelor named Benjamin McClain. Her attraction to him was instant and intense. Could her life get any more complicated?


If you have an AMAZON ACCOUNT, you can nominate my book. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Voting is limited to one vote per book per user.

To nominate My Runaway Bride, A Spoiled Brats Romance Novel, Book 2:

Login to your Amazon account.
You will get an exclusive preview of the first or two chapters of the book.


You can still view my page to get an exclusive preview of the first or two chapters of the book. Happy reading!

Thank you for your votes. 

NOVEMBER 10, 2016

I am so excited to announce that my new book, MY RUNAWAY BRIDE, the second book in the Spoiled Brats Romance Novel book series, has been approved for a 30-day campaign for a possible publication contract by Kindle Press.


Kindle Scout is reader-powered publishing for new, never-before-published books. It’s a place where readers help decide if a book gets published. My Runaway Bride, the second book in the Spoiled Brats Romance Novel book series, has been submitted for a possible publication contract by Kindle Press. Of course, putting my book in the HOT and TRENDING does not guarantee a contract, but it gives it a little extra attention from the judging team.

There will be a 30-day scouting period campaign during which readers nominate books to be published. The more nominations a book receives, the more likely it gets discovered by the Kindle Scout team.

If you have an AMAZON ACCOUNT, you can nominate my book. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. 
Voting is limited to one vote per book per user.
To nominate My Runaway Bride, A Spoiled Brats Romance Novel, Book 2:
1) Login to your Amazon account. 
3) You will get an exclusive preview of the first or two chapters of the book. 
4) Select “NOMINATE ME”

Page views are also taken into consideration. Please visit my page again anytime during the campaign period.

Thank you for your support.