Wednesday, December 6, 2017


I had my books published with Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) for years and recently made the decision to find them a better home. I want my books to be available at Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks Store, Kobo and other book retailers.

Then I heard about Pronoun.

They offer distribution to Amazon, Apple iBooks, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Google Play, OverDrive, and Bibliotheca. According to their website, their “Mission is to build a new model for publishing that puts authors first. We believe that independent authors deserve a better way to publish, so we’re creating the tools, technology, and information they need to succeed in today’s digital market. In May 2016, Pronoun joined Macmillan Publishers. Together, we are investing in growing our self-publishing platform while also bringing new technology and data to an industry leader. We publish some of our titles through Pronoun imprints. Byliner stands for edgy, smart, modern journalism from today's best writers. Paper Lantern Lit publishes Young Adult titles from outside the mainstream. Our other imprints are in partnership with the biggest names in media, from The New York Times to Gawker. And there's more to come as we incubate new imprints for other fiction and non-fiction genres.”

I was totally impressed. Pronoun even connects you with cover designers, editors, copy editors, and marketing specialists all in one place. I was sold. Excitedly, after my 90 days exclusivity contract expires with KDP Select, I took the plunge and signed all of my nine books with Pronoun. I uploaded a revised and more polished version but didn’t publish them yet. I had nine books and it took me a while to get them cleaned up. I planned to publish them all at the same time.

I was in the middle of downloading when I received an email from Pronoun. I was shocked. Pronoun was closing and it’s no longer possible to create a new account. I was really disappointed. I thought Pronoun was great. It was user-friendly, had great design, they helped me with keywords and categories to connect with my books. I thought my books finally found a good home. I had no choice but to remove the books I already downloaded. Pronoun plans to remove all books from sale on all of their sales channels on January 15, 2018.

Now, I’m back to square one. 


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