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After much consideration and debate, I've decided to join the other authors and submit my new unpublished short story fiction to Kindle Singles on June 2, 2017. And like others who submitted their work to Kindle Singles for consideration, I have been waiting to hear from them as well. But I also read from others comments that the volume of submission has gone up or they received their rejection letter on the 5th day after submission.  I’m not sure if I should rejoice or hit my head on the wall since it’s been eleven weeks and I still haven’t received my rejection or acceptance letter yet. I just hope that after all this waiting I would have some good news to share with you. And if it doesn’t happen, it wasn’t meant to be.

What is Kindle Singles you asked? According to Wikipedia, Kindle Single is a type of e-Book which is published through Amazon Kindle Store. According to Amazon web page, Kindle Singles are compelling ideas expressed at their natural length, typically 5,000 to 30,000 words. It must be unpublished, but Amazon will consider eBooks recently published via Kindle Direct Publishing, manuscript submissions, or pitches.
The submission process is slightly different than simply self-publishing and loading your manuscript through Amazon’s KDP service. From what I understand, each submission on Kindle Singles will be reviewed by an Amazon editor, which they state that they will “read and respond within two weeks.” And if Amazon is interested in publishing your work, they will provide further instructions on how to formally submit your title via Kindle Direct Publishing. Easy enough, right?

At first, I thought submission to Kindle Singles would be a breeze. It was open to unknown or first-time authors because they were looking for new voices.  Of course, now that I’m approaching three months of not hearing anything, let me just say now, the probability of getting accepted to Kindle Singles is next to impossible, not just for an independent author, but for any author.

I could only imagine that the reason why it’s taking Kindle to reject or accept my submission or any submission for that matter is that it is becoming so popular that they’re now struggling to keep up with all the submissions. The other day, just out of curiosity, I checked the Kindle Singles page and got this message:

Kindle Singles is not accepting unsolicited manuscripts at this time. Our editors will respond to all submissions currently in the queue as of June 22nd, 2017.

I’m not sure what this means. Are they shutting down Kindle Singles? Or are they only trying to get through to all the submissions but will reopen again shortly?

And the waiting continues.

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